Migrating from Avaya to Skype for Business – Part 2 – Discovery

For People moving from Avaya to Skype4Business On PRemise Setup …

Mark Vale Consulting Blog

In Part 1 of this series I gave an overview on how to approach these types of projects. If you haven’t read Part 1, you can do here.

As I said previously, the discovery is the most important part of these types of projects. You cannot just turn up and expect to migrate users, that’s going to end in disaster. When I perform the discovery phase I look at the following architectures

  1. Client layer
  2. Network layer
  3. Server layer
  4. Telephony layer
  5. Process layer

The reason I take a complete discovery on these layers is to avoid ignorance and making decisions largely upon nothing more than assumptions and people’s say so.

Client Layer

In this discovery I look at the end user state. My aim is to establish a baseline of what hardware, peripherals and working environment is used within the business. You’ll need to document the standard hardware profiles offered…

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