I’ve been venturing into the world of PaaS currently dominated by Docker, Cloud Foundry, vagrant, Azure and AWS…. On the way I’ve discovered many sub varieties of PaaS Solutions and kept a log of them by alphabetical order…. Here is the list…

You should notice that not all the Jargons are well accepted and obviously will get reworded by the many Marketing Geniuses out there…also for Marketing folks there are several *PaaS words that currently are still available to be jargon-‘fied’…Hope you like the quick read…


PaaS Jargon Expansion

Popular Vendors/Products

My Take

aPaaS Application MS Azure, SalesForce, Appian, Mendix, Cybozu(kintone), ServiceNow, RedHat OpenShift Origin MS Sharepoint Online should also be a likely candidate
bPaaS Currently used by BPO Industry as Business Process as-a-Service…
cPaaS Collaboration/Communications Twillio, Cisco Tropo/Spark, Vonage Nexmo, Genband Kandy, MS Skype & Skype4B Online, onSiP, VoxBone, Bandwidth, AT&T Enhanced WebRTC, Avaya Zang, Plivo
dPaaS Development Development – CloudForge, Mendix, MS VS Online, Cloud9, Salesforce, wso2 cloud, cloudfoundry cfcloud
gPaaS Gaming Shephertz AppWarp Can be custom built on all other Cloud based Paas Services from Azure, AWS and Google Cloud
hPaaS Hardware Not really a cloud service…HP-as-a-Service, Microsoft Surface-as-a-Service, Dell-as-a-Service
iPaaS Integration SnapLogic, Dell Boomi, Mulesoft, Cisco Intercloud Many of these are effectively hosted DC + Professional Consulting
jPaaS Java SAP, OpenShift JBoss iPass https://github.com/jpaas -> Added this just for fun…and this Julian is not Me 😀 …I Personally am not a big fan of Java
lPaaS Loyalty, Legal Service, Lottery…But no clustering seen here
mPaaS Mobile/Mobility Mficient, Azure, AWS
oPaaS Office Productivity – MS Office not really a ‘Platform’
rPaaS ‘Recruitment Platform’ not really a platform but a app on salesforce
tPaaS ‘Testing’, ‘Telepresence’ …Again not really Platforms
vPaaS Video Kaltura, MS Azure Media Services/O365 Video
wPaaS ‘workplace’ – not really a platform but rather ‘hardware’
xPaaS ‘x’ as in ‘*’ as in everything OpenShift JBoss xPaaS Made by Marketing Team for Marketing Team and to be used by Marketing Only

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