HECK Formula

Learning a lot about Cloud Architectures and JS over the last few weeks has been giving me quite a lot of ideas of solutions that could be built. But each one is unique and individually there is limited Time available (weekends)…I came across the CAP Theorem and this idea came across of coming up with a filtering mechanism for ideas…

So here comes the HECK Formula…There will be four elements to this

  1. H – Hacker Index
  2. E – Economic Index
  3. C – Complexity Index
  4. K – Karma Index

1. Hacker Index

I propose this to be the measure of ‘Hackiness’ in Hack Culture… In other words its a measure of the specific number of people who have (Not just Know) the ‘Solution’ to the ‘Problem’ being addressed. So Something that only I have solved is way more ‘Hacky’ than something everybody has a solution for. Going Objective lets take this table as the starting point to measure:

Hack Index [H(x)] Measure Description
 10  Only 1 Person (Myself)  This probably is the start of a very Unique Problem being solved…With Time the Index will reduce
9 2 People
8 6 People
7 11 People
6 18 People
5 29 People
4 42 People
3 59 People
2 78 People
1 Everyone Knows More than 78 IMO means the solution is already Universal

2.Economic Index

Here I’m looking at the Economic Benefit this solution can bring…This is very Subjective but here is the Formula I would like to use

E(x) = (Economic Impact in Local Currency)^(1/10)

Pretty simple…where attaining the next level is ten times more difficult than the previous level

3. Complexity

This is a tricky one…But I choose to use time needed to crack the solution in Person-Days (8 Hours Per Day) with the Index similar to the Hack Index

Complexity Index [C(x)] Measure Description
 1 1 Day (eg)Simple Helper Function
2 2 Days One full Weekend gone
3 3 Days
4 4 Days Two Weekends Screwed
5 10 Days
6 20 Days
7 30 Days
8 40 Days
9 50 Days Half a Year of Weekends!
10 >50 Days

4. Karma

Here its going to look at people whom this will benefit.This is going to be simple cause I do not want to get too philosophical…

Karma Index [K(x)] Measure Description
 1 Me Only
2 2 People I’m Helping some Person
3 3 People
4 4 People A Small team gets Helped
5 10 People
6 20 People
7 30 People
8 40 People Some Departments getting Helped
9 100 People
10 >100 People  This is going to be global

Benefit need not be economical but could also be Speedy Finish of Projects or Lower Bugs or Lower Maintenance Effort..Bottom like ..It measures How many People get the Benefit ultimately

Obviously all of these are not related to each other in the same manner and the Weights of impact on the final Decision matrix could be different…but I’ll work on that later…Bye for now


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