This Graph, That Graph and now Another Graph

I’ve been playing around with Azure AD Graph APIs for some time and have always been getting confused with Facebook’s Graph APIs when checking out in support forums. With both being very similar…It’s natural that some questions and responses never mention if the problem is with Facebook’s Graph or Azure!

Recently Microsoft announced that their converged Microsoft Graph API that brings all the multiple Office 365 APIs into one single umbrella. This was in preview for some time but now is ‘Generally Available’. Unfortunately the new APIs are called ‘Microsoft Graph API’ and now confusion is going to increase with discussions overlapping between Azure Graph, Facebook Graph and now Microsoft Graph …So I thought I should do a quick summary table comparing and contrasting all three of these… So Here goes:

The Many Graphs

Microsoft Graph

Azure AD Graph

Facebook Graph

Good Starting Point to Learn

Microsoft Graph API

Azure AD Graph API

Facebook’s Graph API

Key Purpose Open Office 365 Services to Developers Open Azure Active Directory Services to Developers Open Facebook Services to Developers
Authentication OAuth 2 OAuth 2 OAuth 1 I think
Current API Version (As on Nov 2015) 1.0 1.6 2.5

Hope it helps clarify any confusions from Microsoft naming choice 😉


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