Notes on Skype for Business Hybrid Deep Dive

I was watching BRK4129 …It’s a 80mins session…For those who don’t want to spend 80 mins…here are my notes:

  1. Shared SIP Domain used for On-Premise and Online Instance integration and maintenance of single SIP Identity
  2. User Homed on SfB Online cannot (Aug’2015)
    1. Utilize On-Premise SfB PSTN Features currently (This is however there in the roadmap…Slides do contradict this point Sad smile)
    2. Get Group Chat / Persistent Chat Capability Sad smile
    3. Video Interoperability Server (VIS) Capabilities
  3. On Premise Homed user cannot be a ‘Broadcast Meeting’ admin
  4. Online User has to have mailbox on Exchange Online and hence UM on the cloud as well
  5. Possible to move 10K users online from On-Premise over weekend
  6. Resource Forest Not Supported …wait ….Technet contradicts this but later in the session they confirmed that Resource Forest Works Open-mouthed smile
  7. AADSync with Password Sync –OR- ADFS Required…Both are not Required simultaneously
  8. Supports the following On-Premise Options:
    1. Lync 2010 with Lync 2013 Powershell installed
    2. Lync 2013
    3. Skype For Business 2015 (Has Admin UI for Configuring Hybrid and Perform Move Winking smile)
  9. Configuration Steps
    1. Create O365 Tenant and Validate Domains [O365]
    2. Configure AADSync [On-Premise & O365]
    3. User Authentication [On-Premise & O365]
    4. Deploy Lync/SfB Edges and enable Federation with O365 [On-Premise]
    5. Enable Federation between On-Premise and Online [On-Premise[
    6. Enable Tenant for Split Domain [O365]
    7. Network and Firewall Configurations [[On-Premise] (Shouldn’t this be second step??)
    8. User Moves [On-Premise]
  10. Users can be moved from Online to On-Premise
  11. To check configuration use Get-CsHostingProvider to see status of master for Identity, ProxyFQDN, Status of EnableSharedAddressSpace and HostsOCSUsers
  12. Get-CsUser <domain ID> will show RegistrarPool as <empty> for online users
  13. DNS used for resolution of routing Invites to On-Premise or Online
  14. For Online Users
    1. HostingProvider/ProxyFQDN becomes
    2. UM Requests get routed to [This is why SfB Online user has to be a ExOnline User First]
  15. Watch from 43:00 to see this flow being illustrated
  16. Lync 2010 and above clients supported
  17. Command to move users : Move-CsUser <Domain ID> –Target –Credential <credential object>
  18. User move happens quickly but Identity and autodiscover entries move a tad bit slowly….Which means that user will not be able to login for a few minutes…So don’t try this without informing user Winking smile
  19. In Hybrid mode the sign in request comes to On Prem FE Server first. It then gets redirected to
  20. CDR Information is stored separately in the side where they are homed Sad smile
  21. One User did highlight problems in setting up ACP Services for dial-In Conferencing for Online Users and also Clients having bad experience in Hybrid setup especially for SFA …Not sure if he meant SalesForce Integration or something else Sad smile … But this could be a individual issue and not observed within MS with 25K Users already on Hybrid solution

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