IBM Watson Free Edition

For people who liked IBM Watson’s Analytics Solution but 30 days expired…Good news for You…there is a Free Edition now for people who need basic features..For more Power users…The below table should help you choose your plan…

  Free Personal Professional
Pricing 0.00 USD Starting at 30.00 USD per user Starting at 80.00 USD per user
Number of Users 1 1 2 or more
Number of rows per data set 100,000 rows 1,000,000 rows 10,000,000 rows
Number of columns per data set 50 columns 256 columns 500 columns
Amount of Included Storage 500 MB 2 GB 100 GB
Add more storage for an extra fee No Yes, in increments of 10 GB Yes, in increments of 50 GB
Upload delimited files and Microsoft Excel files Yes Yes Yes
Access to more sources of data No Yes Yes
Access to social data from Twitter No Yes Yes
Connect to IBM Cognos report data No No Yes
Share data sets, refined data sets, explorations, predictions, and views No No Yes

To know more about whats in store check out my previous entry

Rendezvous with ibm watson analytics


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