Interactive Intelligence PureCloud Collaborate –Check Out

I heard about Interactive Intelligence getting into Cloud from a article and wanted to check it out at Like all other Cloud players they also had a free trial option and I took the bait.


Gave my email id , Company name and region and they sent a activation email. Click on activate and you get a page to set your password


give the name and password and you get options to invite team members

imageThis is optional and trial has no limit on how many users can be configured

Now the Activation actually happens…Let me pause here and first brief that this is not a trial of the entire product but just the PureCloud Collaborate..There are other products which add on to collaborate but get priced on a PUPM (Per User Per Month) model.


The packaging looks sensible at first glance but then I was disappointed that a senior player in Contact Center announces that they are entering the Cloud market and let people play with only the ‘Web Conferencing’ bit.

Anyway right at the start the web site put up a message to see an overview of all the features but just stayed with a dark overlay an no clickable controls Sad smile

Only option was to close the browser tab and head back to

This time I was able to login

The first message I read wants me to install a app


I did not configure others so not tried ‘collaborating’ by sharing files…But couldn’t find options of how to create a web conferencing session with others inside or outside this application. Sadly this looks like a trial aimed at showing that the cloud service is up and running but not want to give a taste of what it provides on-par or better than the on-premise software portfolio.

Sadly I don’t trust marketing videos and whitepapers…I leave the portal disappointed Sad smile


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