UCC in 2014

My Hearty New Year Wishes for everyone

The Christmas Holidays did let me take some time out of regular work and with a clear mind when I looked back at what has been happening in my field of relevance…which currently happens to be Unified Communications and Collaboration…I believe a summary is something that would be interest to read …so here goes…

However before we start I would like to split this into the perspectives of different user groups …

Lets start with the heart of any organization which is the normal Aam Employee (Aam = Normal in Hindi)..

Hurray! There has been lots of good news for normal employees with focus of BYOD friendly secure Productivity Service Enablement…One key trend I noticed was the focus on getting services available over Internet without Information Leakage…

Next let’s look at what came for Application Development Folks…

Opening up of APIs and capability to mash-up over Internet made developers excited this year but still plenty of work is needed to bring these capabilities to reflect into real world Productivity Improvement solutions. I strongly believe this year we will see Communications moving from PSTN to DNS in a big way with WebRTC being openly promoted by Carriers as well…One would think Carriers to resist support for WebRTC but the opposite is what I believe is going to happen this year.

The Finance and Procurement folks probably are the key people who have driven so many changes in the UCC World from pushing IT to move from Legacy Hardware Based Isolated Solutions to Agile Cloud Enabled Unified Solutions that easily Mesh into Business Services.

The Human Resources also were not disappointed last year with plenty of Tools to accelerate Hiring, on-boarding and On-Job Motivation Programs.

Infrastructure Management has a lot of work last year with continuous Standardization, modernization and Business Integration Initiatives. Hybrid Solutions were a favorite which balanced the comfort feel of Traditional On-Prem Solutions with the Agility of Cloud Solutions

Sales and Marketing which feeds the organization obviously are the most critical users and were treated with plenty of Social, Analytics and Machine Intelligence based Solutions

Enabling B2B Collaboration over the Itnernet IMHO is probably the most important Productivity improvement lever made available last year. The adoption however have been low but IMHO will increase exponentially in 2015

The external Stakeholders did get excited by various solutions made available but still skeptical about actual adoption and capability to demonstrate cost reduction in real $s

In short everyone has received something or other from key players and others Challengers are trying to make differentiated solutions to gain attention of the customers…2015 will be interesting to see Legacy Standalone Solutions becoming obsolete and being disposed en-masse…and I’ll be keeping watch for sure J


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