Rendezvous with IBM Watson Analytics

IBM Recently released the Watson Analytics platform for Public Trial recently and I just couldn’t stop myself from trying it out…Here’s how it all went on my first day..

I went to this site and got myself registered …I already had a IBM ID and hence didn’t have to sign up separately…So now Ready for the 30 day Trial Period

The welcome Page was a bit unconventional to me

but liked it from a rookie perspective.

Its got one tutorial and the rest of the videos are marketing stuff…I ignored both and went in straight and clicked on the add button

Well Where do I get some data to play in this new toy…I head straight to and then start dropping each into the ‘Drop Your File zone”. Watson start digesting …

I had dragged a dropped seven different csvs in one go…Lets see what Watson did on these

After Digesting Watson created a new box

On clicking on this box Watson asks if I want to Explore, Prediction or just do some view…Don’t know what each one is but lets explore first

I get to see the Inferences that Watson believes I would be most interested….It even opened a new page that had an overview of the capabilities…but did not show anything on my Internet Explorer…So Lets try on chrome…Initially it looks the same but at least the tab shows that some activity is going on…Lets wait

Finally something comes up…I guess Watson leaves a blank face when thinking ;)…User Interface needs improvement…

Cool…but none were very interesting…Hope Prediction would be interesting but want to do custom view first

Not bad…I choose Infographic with 4 slices

And hit Create…Now I realize it has imported only one CSV! That explains the dullness of results so far. And there seems to be no way to add the other csvs L. Actually the data in each CSV is interrelated with other ..

Now I try with something with more data… regular_season_results.csv and explore…

Way better..Notice the many observations made being shown in the first row…brilliant…

The Prediction part is more interesting where I give the Parameter for which Prediction is needed and it identifies which parameters influence

I’m no Data Scientist but this is impressive for something that is free!


  1. Looks Cool for a free product
  2. But Needs some more tools that allow multiple datasets from multiple csv files to be imported and consumed
  3. Very Dumbed Down Interface may be cool for a rookie like me but I doubt if it is going to impress Well Trained Data Scientists
  4. Not Sure How Applications will be able to use this Tool in an automated manner…

Bottomline: It looks like a very sophisticated backend has been opened up but a lot of Human and Automation Interfaces needs to be improved upon before this can become significant to Enterprises. My Guess is that such a product is probably available but not opened up in this portal…Keep Guessing J


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