Azure Website for Free

Didn’t have much time this week for experimentation but did move the php code to Azure for free…

Here’s how you could get this too

  1. Subscribe to Azure. Initially they give a 30 day free trial. But for our purpose we just need the Pay-as-you-go option which charges only if you use one of the ‘paid’ options.
  2. Then Create a Website and choose the F1 option. F1 is a free instance with shared processor and no memory allocation. For my purpose, I just need PHP/JS code to be run and that too for non-production environment.
  3. The Website gets created in a few seconds. It was not as fast as during trial period but good enough.
  4. There are a few things I liked in this option
    1. Access to web site over command prompt online within the portal. Enabling to clean up my space in Dos style
    2. File upload/download using ftp and/or WebMatrix solution which comes with an IDE for PHP. The site has an online IDE but I found it to be clumsy and difficult to use
    3. Best Feature was that it supports not just PHP but also .NET, Java and Python

  5. Some things I did not like
    1. Connectivity from WebMatrix is not always established. I’m already looking for alternatives L
    2. The Azure Portal itself is not stable and took a few attempts before I could log in today. I feel this is something temporary this week…hope it doesn’t continue

Nothing more this week


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